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Let the Women Decide the Margin

Supported by the European Commission

Let the Women Decide the Margin was funded by the European Commission and headed by SLCDF to mobilize, organize and empower marginalized women in 8 districts and mitigate discriminations against them. The project provided awareness of political rights and methods to improve economic potential to female sex workers, deserted women and single women. The project spanned 30 months.

Project Objectives

Implementation Summary

Mullaitivu, Vavuniya, Anuradhapura, Puttalam, Kurunegala, Matara, Gampaha, Colombo

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    1. To build a good evidence base on the discrimination and violation of the socio-economic, political and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) of the selected marginalized women groups through action research using the existing legal and policy frameworks of Vagrant law (1842), Brothel ordinance (1889) and National Action Plan (NAP) to address SGBV with a focused view to lobby for law and policy reform and transform the social perceptions and behavior towards these women groups.
    2. To educate and empower the selected marginalized women groups through rights awareness, power analysis of their status based on the evidence collected and build a strong collective voice to claim rights supported by CSOs, that will be channeled to reach the decision-making forums and policy makers.
    3. To develop a group of empowered journalists including marginalized groups of women who will amplify their voices and challenge the existing conservative and discriminatory media practices against these women with an aim to change the media values.
    4. To support economically to empower these marginalized women by establishing 250 economic models of viable entrepreneurs among them who will employ around 750 marginalized women in the economic establishment.
    5. To establish proactive and supportive peer group who will challenge cyber violence, community and street violence, and other forms of physical and psychological violence against these marginalized groups of women and stand up for their rights.


To mobilize, organize and empower, the most marginalized groups of women i.e. female sex workers (FSW), deserted women (DW), and single women (SW) in the DS Divisions of Mullaitivu, Vavuniya, Anuradhapura, Puttalam, Kurunegala, Matara, Gampaha and Colombo districts to realize their economic potential and political rights, specifically their sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) and work towards mitigating discriminations against them.


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