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No to Gender Violence in Sri Lanka

Supported by Developing World Connections, Global Affairs Canada

No to Gender Violence Sri Lanka was funded by Developing World Connections and Global Affairs Canada and initiated by SLCDF for a 4-year period. The project aims to reduce violence against girls and women in Hambantota, Batticaloa, and Kilinochchi districts of Sri Lanka through enhanced leadership and implementation of the National Plan of Action by civil society and government entities. 

Project Objectives

Implementation Summary

Hambantota, Batticaloa and Kilinochchi

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    1. More effective leadership provided by civil society organizations (especially women’s and youth groups) against sexual gender-violence and for gender equality in Hambantota, Batticaloa and Kilinochchi.
    2. More effective implementation by Government and NGOs of elements of the SL National Plan of Action for Sexual Gender-Based Violence in Hambantota, Batticaloa and Kilinochchi


Reduce violence against girls and women in three districts of Sri Lanka (Hambantota, Batticaloa and Kilinochchi)


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