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Strengthening Climate Resilience in Monaragala and Kurunegala

Supported by Hope International Development Agency

‘Strengthening Climate Resilience in Monaragala and Kurunegala’ was funded by HOPE International Development Agency and fronted by SLCDF to increase the awareness and adaptability of select farming communities in Monaragala and Kurunegala. The project will be conducted over 20 months.

Project Objectives

Implementation Summary

Monaragala, Kurunegala

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Sofa pod

    1. Restoration of small tanks and canals in the divisions of Wellawaya, Buttala and Tanamalwila in the district of Monaragala and Panduwasnuwara, Nikaweratiya and Kobeigane in Kurunegala district. 
    2. Promote regenerative agriculture.
    3. Increasing Forest cover in catchment areas.


1. Increased awareness among farmer communities in selected 6 DS Divisions in the Monaragala and Kurunegala districts about climate change and its impact on agriculture and livelihoods.
2. Farming communities in the selected 6 DS divisions in the districts of Monaragala and Kurunegala increased adaptability to climate change through restoration of small tanks, regenerative agricultural practices and reforestation and be part of the human eco system.


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